Jennifer Lane, BSc BScN RN


Jennifer is a Registered Nurse who practices in psychiatry, and Killam Laureate at Dalhousie University taking her PhD in Nursing. With two bachelor of science degrees, Jennifer has held various educator positions at Dalhousie School of Nursing. She is passionate about making evidence-based connections between theoretical concepts and clinical practice. Jennifer's work aims to leverage and apply her experiential knowledge as a lesbian nurse to provide new insights into how gaps in the process of delivering health services might be closed.

Krista Lane, BA PCP EMD


Krista has a diverse skillset. She has an undergraduate degree in English, Drama, and Women's Studies from Mount Allison University. Krista is a lesbian paramedic who works in Nova Scotia as the Community Relations Paramedic with Emergency Health Services. She is committed to securing a role for paramedicine on interprofessional health care teams. Her passion for health equity is evident, particularly within her organization where she is regarded as an expert educator and advisor in equitable care practices and organizational policies.